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Kinglong Bus: New Emerging Force in EU Bus Industry

In 2005, Kinglong Bus passed through Britain VCA certification and its Euro Star XMQ6127 products successfully entered Europe. In Feb., 2010, when we observed Britain with Kinglong after-sales team, we found that almost 80 Kinglong luxury tourist buses were applied in local area and Kinglong Bus increasingly strengthen  its position in this traditional motor power as the new emerging force.


Kinglong Euro Star XMQ6127

Kinglong Euro Star XMQ6127



In June, 2005, Kinglong Euro Star bus image was used as the cover of "COACH AND BUS WEEK", the leading bus magazine in Britain and it said that Chinese buses possibly threatened Britain counterparts.



It is known that there have been almost 80 XMQ6127 buses serving the local tourist market. Moreover, Kinglong Bus made great process in 9-10 meters tourist market and XMQ6900 buses have been applied with bright prospect.


Kinglong Euro Star XMQ6127 popular in Britain

Kinglong Euro Star XMQ6127 popular in Britain



John, from ay-Cee&Son Coach bought one XMQ6127 bus in August 2009 and it was satisfactory for him, in particularly the good fuel-consumption, also, he recommended this model to his friends who were interested. Wheeler Travel, the touring company located in Southampton was one of dealers of KingLong UK and always chose Kinglong products when planned to update vehicles. Kinglong buses have been the splendid landscape on the way of Southampton.


The main objective of Kinglong Bus overseas after-sales team for this visit is to check the foundation process of after-sales system of Kinglong bus in Britain, collect the operation information of 20 XMQ6127 buses exporting to the UK in 2009 and undertake the training of 10 service stations and the technicians from 14 using units.


The training carried on in the headquarters of KingLong UK went on very well. Either dealers or operators spoke highly of nice appearance, comfortable interior decoration, operation performance and low fuel consumption of Kinglong buses.


Eamonn from Ireland said that," In the past several years, we have witnessed the fast development of Kinglong Bus in UK and such achievements are amazing. I am impressed by this training and looking forward to more driving joy."


Wang Xie, the head of overseas service division of Kinglong Bus said that Kinglong Bus adopted the way of delivering frequently-used auto parts with complete bus and supply options to European customers via shipment, flight and even international express in time to confirm customers' normal operation.

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